Why choose us?

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Below reasons makes us the most valuable strategic supplier to our customers, while differentiating us from competitors.

Yancheng Gaoju has access to the world's most professional products in Healthcare, including the one-piece patient wristband, bar code wristband, and RFID Band. We remain at the forefront of technology, providing advanced solutions that address our customers' unique clinical and operational needs.
Trust is built on credibility and reliability. With over 15 years experience and expertise, we have a proven track record as Hie trusted partner in patient identification. The top-rated, most professional medical device distributors in the world choose us.
We are a healthcare-focused company that is passionate about patient safety. As the earliest and NO. 1 Identification Wristband Manufacturer in China, our long-standing expertise and focus in this area has enabled us to provide the most extensive selection of patient identification and specialty labeling solutions in Healthcare with expert guidance from seasonal specialists.
We're passionate about solving your challenges. Our customer service, sales, and technical support teams are highly consultative, responsive, and solutions-focused.
Trust is also built on superior quality. Yancheng Gaoju products are designed, constructed, and tested to the highest quality standards. We strive to deliver the best in-class products and s^vices on time, every time.